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Nick Randall Leadership Development Pty Ltd


M. Ed, B. HM. Dip Physical Ed, Health Ed Cert, Diploma of Management, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment.


Nick is a highly sought after presenter both internationally and Australia-wide. With over 36 years of expertise Nick delivers cutting edge educational, leadership, team building and coaching programs; all of which are customized and tailored for each individual company. Nick is renowned for his interactive and lively presentation style that captures every group at every level. His unique ability to engage and make knowledge relevant not only becomes work changing, but also often becomes life changing. His courses develop a dynamic culture, a culture that every company seeks. With the establishment of NRLD a team of advanced facilitators can now improve more organizations including yours.


The programs offered by Nick Randall Leadership Development are unique in that they are skilled and competency based. So theory is always translated within the workshop into skills and its practice. Thus the gap between knowledge and behavior is negated through skill practices.

Programs offered:

Leadership Development and Coaching

Graduate Programs Field Leadership

Safety Leadership and Management Training

High Performance Team Development

Culture Development

Team Alignment Communication / Negotiation Skills / Presentation Skills

Executive Development Programs

Tender Preparation

Project management / Frontline Management / Advanced Management / Change management

Stress Management

Maintaining Functional Fitness

Adversity and Resilience

“This was an amazing journey for me to experience and I sincerely thank you for all you have done for me and the broader team who participated. I have talked with most of our group and everyone has grown in so many different ways compared to day one of the course. No doubt these are valuable learning’s for me to develop and expand on as I navigate my way through the corporate network”

John Pizimolas


VP, South Eastern Asia and Pacific