Organisation Structure Design

If it is to be successful, the restructuring or reorganization of an enterprise must involve much more than just focusing on the organization chart and reporting arrangements. People Link will evaluate your culture, leadership, measurement tools and stakeholder engagement to bring about an organizational structure that is aligned to its strategic goals and robust enough to take on future challenges.

HR Transformation

In order to be relevant and competitive in this day and age, we need to constantly evolve. Companies need to learn to grow and adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Your HR organization is a vital key in the drive for change, but sometimes, HR itself has to be transformed first. Some see these changes as disruptive or challenging; we see it as an opportunity, as we have the track record and capabilities to provide end-to-end services to transform every aspect of HR, enabling your HR to start managing change and in turn equipping employees  with the tools to face the challenges of the future.


Competencies are the integrated knowledge, skills, and behavioural attributes that people need to perform a job effectively. By having a defined set of competencies for each job family in your organization, employees are provided with a clear understanding of the behaviours required from them to be successful in their roles, as well as a transparent path to moving up the career ladder.

Manpower Optimization

Employee productivity is a major concern for many employers in this competitive business landscape. People Link will assist your organization in carrying out activity based analysis to determine the productivity levels of your employees and suggest ways to optimize your staffing.

Assessment & Profiling

We collaborate with notable organizations to design and/or offer relevant assessment and profiling tools to evaluate candidates for the right role as well as for the purpose of talent identification or succession planning.

Remuneration Strategy & Implementation

Organizations are often faced with rising staff costs and are challenged to retain the best talent. As such, benchmarking and developing a competitive reward strategy and philosophy becomes important in managing cost structures and retaining talent in a competitive market.

Performance Management

Many organizations are talking about getting rid of the annual performance review. Can this be done and what are the consequences? People Link will help you identify your company’s Performance Management maturity level and advise you if the time spent on performance management has been yielding the required outcomes.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Failures in talent management is an ongoing source of concern for executives in modern organizations as well as in situations where there is a talent war. At its heart, talent management is simply a matter of anticipating the need for human capital and then setting out a plan to meet it. Here, our proposal on talent management is akin to the just-in-time system for the HR development realm: an on-demand framework that will minimise time spent but gives you the optimum output in terms of talent requirements.

Learning & Development

Our development workshops are engaging and practical. We focus on skills enhancement through workplace projects that will give immediate ROI to the participants in terms of more efficient performance, and in turn, the company will see immediate results in terms of the generation of the top or bottom-line.

Human Resources Analytics

People Link also focuses on HR Analytics, helping organizations apply analytics to each aspect of the human resource process, from training to performance management to remuneration. HR Analytics will help managers gain insights into the current processes and guide them towards a more effective system. A more successful HR will lead to improved employee performance, therefore giving a higher return on investment.